10 Years Operational Global VEGETATION Monitoring (1998-2008)
What's next ?
Tuesday 9 December
Arrivals and Registration
Opening Session
(Chairman: Jan Van Rensbergen)
Opening Session
Welcome by VEGETATION steering committee
Peter Van Geloven, President of the steering committee
VEGETATION: A unique European successful programme
Philippe Mettens, Belgian Science Policy Office
VEGETATION programme: an overview
Michel Courtois & Peter Van Geloven
SPOT-VEGETATION: providing a platform for users
Jean-Paul Malingreau, European Comission
12h00 – 13h30 Reception & Lunch
Session 1: SPOT-VEGETATION past, present & future
(Chairwoman: Maria Nilsson)
Current partner contribution in the programme
Hervé Jeanjean, CNES, France
Existing infrastructure in support of GMES
Josiane Masson, GMES Bureau
14h45 Need for continuity of services in ACP countries
Olusola Ojo, ACP Secretariat
14h55 Coffee break
Session 2: SPOT-VEGETATION and major operational projects
(Chairman: Hartwig Bischoff)
MARS: early warning and crop forecasting with VEGETATION satellite data
Jacques Delincé, Agriculture Unit, JRC, Italy
Our changing environment: biophysical parameters from space
Geert Borstlap, VITO, Belgium
Terry Newby, ARC, South Africa
18h30 - 22h30
Wednesday 10 December
Session 3: VEGETATION revisited
(Chairman: Philippe Maisongrande)
09h30 Scientific declension of the SPOT-VEGETATION time series
Philippe Maisongrande, Programme Scientist VEGETATION
09h50 Wine tasting with satellite data
André Marçal, University of Porto, Portugal
10h10 Turning green pixels to black: strategic use of fire in Northern Australia
Grant Allan, Bushfire Council Australia
10h30 Canadian lake ice seasonality trends derived on historical satellite data records
Rasim Latifovic, CCRS, Canada
10h50 Coffee break
11h10 When satellites help predicting animal distribution, movement and performance
Nathalie Pettorelli, Institute of Zoology, United Kingdom
11h30 Phenology and carbon fluxes in the seasonally moist tropical forests in the Amazon Basin
Xiao Xiangming, University of Oklahoma, USA
11h50 Land surface: where and how much is changing? Experiences with VEGETATION data
Agustin Lobo, Institut de Ciencies de la Terra "Jaume Almera", Spain
Session 4: SPOT-VEGETATION: 10 years of real-time operations
(Chairman: Philippe Maisongrande)
12h10 Results of 10 years of operational activity
Dirk Van Speybroeck, VITO, Belgium
12h40 VEGETATION calibration issues & sensor performances (1) (2) (3)
Patrice Henry, CNES, France
13h15 - 14h30 Lunch
Session 5: Proba-V: SPOT-VEGETATION follow-on
(Chairman: Michel Verbauwhede)
14h30 Technical characteristics
Frank Preud'homme, Verhaert, Belgium
Session 6: Sentinel 3
(Chairman: Michel Verbauwhede)
15h00 Mission and characteristics
Bruno Berruti, ESA
15h30 Land mission
Helge Rebhan, ESA
16h00 Closing Session
Peter Van Geloven, President VEGETATION Steering Committee
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